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  1. CJC-1295



    CJC-1295 2000mcg Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide available here. USpeptides.com has the lowest price online for CJC-1295 also known as Mod GRF (1-29). We also carry CJC-1295 DAC, IGF-1 LR3, and many other research peptides. Our peptides are all pharmaceutical grade, 98%+ purity products. Learn More
  2. GHRP 6

    GHRP 6


    GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide – 6) Our Peptides for sale are for research purposes only.

    GHRP-6 is a synthetic, growth hormone releasing hexapeptide, made of six amino acids. This peptide is one of many synthetic met-enkephalin analogs that include D-amino acids developed for growth hormone releasing properties.

    Learn More
  3. Melanotan 2 10mg

    Melanotan 2 10mg


    Looking for Melanotan 1 or Melanotan 2? We carry Melanotan 2, along with a variety of other peptides. High quality, 99% purity, pharmaceutical grade Melanotan 2 at a great price! If you are new to peptide synthesis research USpeptides.com is an industry leader in quality product and dependable service. Learn More
  4. Sermorelin



    Sermorelin 2mg available here at Uspeptides for the best price online. Our Sermorelin is pharmaceutical grade, 98%+ purity lyophilized powder. Sermorelin is one of many high quality (GHRH) we offer. Visit the home page to explore our other options. Learn More
  5. IGF1-LR3



    We carry high quality Recombinant Human Long-Arg3-Insulin-Like-Growth-Factor-1 or (IGF-1 LR3). Our 1000mcg IGF-1 is 99% pure lyophilized powder. Buy your research IGF1 long R3 today! Learn More
  6. CJC-1295 DAC

    CJC-1295 DAC


    CJC-1295 DAC boosts protein synthesis making this peptide highly affective. This 30 amino acid pharmaceutical grade peptide is 98%+ pure high quality lyophilized powder. CJC 1295 DAC is available here at Uspeptides.com. Pick up your supply today! Learn More
  7. GHRP-2



    We carry GHRP-2 and GHRP-6. Learn More
  8. MGF Metropin (Mechano Growth Factor)

    MGF Metropin (Mechano Growth Factor)


    MGF Metropin (Mechano Growth Factor) is 98%+ purity pharmaceutical grade lyophilized powder. Buy your IGF-1Ec here. Order your research supply today! Learn More
  9. Ipamorelin



    Buy Pharmaceutical grade ipamorelin here. We also carry a variety of other high quality 98%+ purity research peptides. Learn More
  10. Hexarelin



    Pharmaceutical grade Hexarelin at 98% purity available here. Buy your research GHRP peptides including GHRP-6, GHRP-2, and Hexarelin at Uspeptides.com Learn More
  11. Fragment 176-191

    Fragment 176-191


    Fragment 176-191 Learn More
  12. Bacteriostatic Water 30ml

    Bacteriostatic Water 30ml


    Providing Bacteriostatic Water, Sterile Water available at USPeptides.com Learn More
  13. MGF PEG (Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor)

    MGF PEG (Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor)


    Buy pharmaceutical grade PEG-MGF here. We carry both Pegylated and Non-Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor. Learn More
  14. BPC-157



    BPC-157 is a peptide chain consisting of 15 amino acids. BPC stands for “Body Protecting Compound” and is also know as PL 14736, PL-10, and Bepecin. Our BPC-157 is pharmaceutical-grade with 99% potency. Learn More
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14 Item(s)


All Peptides and Prices
at US Peptides

CJC-1295 $35.95

CJC 1295 DAC $39.95

GHRP-2 $21.95

GHRP-6 $21.95

Sermorelin $21.95

Fragment 176-191 $21.95



Melanotan 2 $29.95

IGF1-LR3 $68.95

BPC-157  $40.99

Hexarelin $25.95

Ipamorelin $19.95

Mechano Growth Factor  $34.95

Mechano Growth Factor - PEG $49.95

Bacteriostatic Water 30ml $41.95


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All products listed and provided through USPeptides.com are intended for research purposes only. We do not promote the personal use of these products. Products provided by USPeptides.com are not intended for use in food products or as any type of drug. Our products are not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease or medical condition.

Customers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. All sales are final, and no returns because our products are sterile.