Like other growth hormone releasing peptides, the GHRP-2 is being researched for their effects on humans. The peptide helps in the pituitary and hypothalamus to release growth hormone through a G-protein receptor. The peptide was discovered by scientists over twenty years ago, but the quality has been improved greatly. Their research has shown a number of different compound structures are possible and continued research will yield even better results. Scientists who are studying the GHRP2 are thrilled with the potential effects that the peptide can have on the body and are thus focusing their research on human interactions with the peptide. Biggest GHRP-2 Discovery Scientists who study the peptide have established a number of discoveries over the past few years, but perhaps the most important is the stimulating properties that are inherent in the compound. Scientists have found out that the growth hormone releasing peptide increases the natural production of the hormone. One of the most well known studies was performed in the early 1990’s and was published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1997. The study showed that hormone deficient adults and children could be helped by using growth hormone releasing peptides. At the University of Arkansas Department of Pediatrics, the study was hypothesized, tested, and peer reviewed. This was a huge victory for the scientific community. It was not a cure for AIDS or polio, but researchers had successfully determined how GHRP-2 could be used for humans and how it would be useful for certain people. It was a small step for undernourished children and those with birth defects that harmed the hormone growth. Production as a Result of Research The GHRP-2 has been widely produced in distributed in the years following the major scientific studies. Confirmation from numerous scientific labs has helped to establish how well the peptide can actually work for people who lack the ability to create enough human growth hormone for themselves. A number of other effects have been discovered as a result of the investment into the peptide as well. Some muscle weight gaining properties as well as weight loss reactions have been found within the peptide. This has created a large stir in the health community and an increased interest in the investment and further production of GHRP-2. This is great news for researchers who have dedicated their life to the growth hormone releasing peptide. Further investment will mean that scientists can develop the compound further in order to help the deficient people with less. GHRP-2 Research in the Future As mentioned previously, the GHRP-2 is a peptide that has been found to help human growth hormone deficient people to get enough in order to grow properly and normally. This has been proven by a number of scientific studies that continue to this day. Luckily, the amount of interest in the peptide has funded the research and will continue to do so for many more years. The weight loss and muscle mass building properties will be studied in depth over the coming years. This article was written by Elmer Y. Taner