GHRP-6 Posted on May 30, 2012 Little is known about the original invention of GHRP-6, but that is perhaps due to the large amount of research that has gone on since then. The GHRP is well known because of the properties that researchers have found for growth hormone. However, even though it is considered to be a fragment of growth hormone, this is not the case. The peptide is actually one of many synthetic metenkephalin analogs that include some unnatural D-amino acids developed for growth hormone releasing properties. Researchers have found a number of benefits of GHRP and some of the products are even being sold on the market today. GHRP-6 for Research The fascinating thing about the GHRP-6 peptide is that it has been shown to stimulate growth hormone, which promotes lean body mass and reduce fat deposits. Once scientists concluded this, the amount of investment into research was increased dramatically. Suddenly, every pharmaceutical company wanted to be in the business of GHRP because it has properties that many weight loss supplements wish they had. These additional funds made research on the peptide increasingly scrutinized, but still very interesting. Many scientists found themselves on the final frontier in peptide research and development, which helped to prompt some of the new discoveries. Most of the scientific discoveries have revolved around the peptide’s use for body builders and weight loss products, but the amino acid bonds have taught researchers a lot about the hexapeptide chain. GHRP-6 Trials on Animals Many scientists have decided to test their research on rats, which can provide some useful information about the validity and effects of the peptide chain. Because this compound has been the most studied of the past few decades, they must make sure that their hypotheses work on rats first. One study was done in order to demonstrate the primary pituitary cells of rats were stimulated. The research showed that the GHRP-6 was actually helpful in reducing fat and building lean muscle mass, but only in certain quantities. The scientists had to tweak the amount given in order to determine the right dosage for rats. The process of studying the rats and the GHRP-6 was very difficult. First of all, it is hard to determine the effects of the GHRP-6 in a short period of time. Additionally, it is difficult to compare humans and rats when the peptide is supposed to be replicated for human consumption and distributed across the world. In the end, scientists did a professional job understanding the effects of the GHRP six on the rats and therefore inferring what might be best for humans. This task is never the easiest for scientists, but they were able to do so well. Further Research As mentioned earlier, this peptide is so popular that it has the highest amount of research done of any other. This means that continued research will be forthcoming in order to improve the peptide and determine what other benefits and arrangements can be made in order to help the general public. This article was written by Florelia Rodriguez